Li Sar Limited is a sourcing company established in 2008 by a group of Ex-Pats that have been working in Asia for the past 10 years to help small to medium sized companies develop and source their product requirements without the hassle of having to deal directly with local manufacturers and trading companies who do not have the language skills and knowledge of business practices to ensure a successful result.

With a combined 30 plus years working across Asia in China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, the experiences and lessons learnt lead us to believe we have a competitive advantage when it comes to getting the best deal possible for our customers.
We specialize in textile related products with an extensive network of Industry contacts we can utilize to give you the best outcome with a minimum of fuss.

With experience in developing and sourcing products ranging from Intimate Apparel to Men's and Ladies outerwear across a range of price points and quantities depending on your requirements we can ensure a positive outcome for your sourcing needs.

As the sole supplier to a well known Children's brand in Australia currently supplying them in excess of 10 ranges per season we can continue to support you not only today but also into the future.

Having also developed and sourced products successful for customers in the Beauty, Scrapbooking and Pet Care industries our versatility is your key to success.

We also provide consulting services in Supply Chain related areas to several well known multi-national companies operating in Asia.
Sandy Bottom Divers
Looking for some help in sourcing Scrapbooking albums
we contacted Li Sar Sourcing and they were able to provide
us with 4 different supply options at a competitive price
and great quality in a very short time once the specification
was agreed, we were so happy we ordered 1,000 albums
initially and placed additional orders for another 2,000
albums during 09/10
Gwendy Moon
Scrapbook Adventure
Sandy Bottom Divers
When we wanted Polo tops for our Scuba Diving Club,
Li Sar Sourcing were able to Develop, Source and Deliver
two hundred polo tops in 2 colours at a great price 3 weeks
after we contacted them, a great result and people
who were very easy to work with
Ken Chan
Sandy Bottom Divers
Camp Beauty
Li Sar Sourcing are excellent communicators and extremely
efficient with their service. Before I found the Li Sar Team
our company really struggled to comprehend how Chinese
factories and businesses worked. They were quick to
share their advice and guidance, and they always got the
price to within our budget. We will continue to work with
Li Sar Sourcing as they contribute to making our business
run smoothly as they are there 150% of the time for their
Jo Cotter
Camp Beauty

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